PwD Playground in Idhna

Idhna, Palestine 2016, with Arcò, Architettura e Cooperazione

Ante operam conditions

The PwD Center is an important place for the community where the disabled and their families can have a “window on public life”.  The focus groups indicated clearly that this very unique place could be enhanced  by creating a playground where to spend free time with children, in safety and comfort.

On the north side of the center there is an irregular triangular shaped 75 sqm courtyard. The site’s floor has a 5% slope covered by a layer of brick tiles. The two curbs (see photos) are the only barriers to people with disabilities.



Improvement plans

1. The space has been used to create an outdoor playground with a surrounding wall or a fence in order to create a safe place for disabled children with disabilities and their families;

2. The playground has an entrance with a small ramp in order to allow people with disabilities to access the site easily, covering the height of the current curb. A small 2 meter long ramp with an 8% slope will match the Palestinian Regulations.

...a window on public life