A new ecosystem for new needs

Assen, Nederlands, 2013; with Hiddenoffice: S. Pirro, L. Tappatà, R. Turtù

ASSEnBLY means the realization of your new needs. It creates a new ecosystem in which dimensions have a human scale in a district that reduces distances offering you not just the purchase of new house, but the achievement of a new way of life. Living in ASSEnBLY will mean starting to use what you simply admired before.

Here natural and artificial assemble together, because natural elements are mixed into the living fabric of the town. ASSEnBLY puts your individual needs and your social dimensions together so as to reduce the urban scale and create a community.

AsseNbly is a multiple choice



ASSEnBLY is the answer to business uncertainties and to the increasing need of space flexibility: thanks to a “functional floating plate” Havenkwartier’s surface will be under a gradual layering, with the intent to double the public space.

Public and semi-public gardens

This place is also used for the public green and for private and semi-private gardens. The urban and floating Landmark ensures streams of bicycles, boats, car and people without their colliding. Private homes and professional/management activities can finally hybridize among them maintaining an easy access to the public and semi-public spaces. The green floating plate could also be the the instrument to transform all of those nearby structures that are next to closure. “ASSEnBLY” IS A PROTOTYPE “ASSEnBLY” is a customizable, adaptable, exportable, repeatable, contextualizable model. For example, the Havenkwartier (the area around the harbor) model is placed between the mainland and the water, accessible from both land or water. You can arrive at “ASSEnBLY” by boat, car, bike, bus or by foot.