Pieve Torina (MC), 2018

Timothy Brownlee, Sara Campanelli, Simone Pirro, Dajla Riera and PEnSY. Foto F. Guidoni

Structures: ing. A. Canducci. Thermal and plants project: Ing. S. Tascini

The 2016 earthquake that struck central Italy severely damaged the kindergarten in the town of Pieve Torina and the municipality decided to demolish the school. The Rava Onlus Foundation offered to donate a new permanent structure to replace the kindergarten: unlike elsewhere in the affected by the earthquake area, where temporary structures were being erected, in Pieve Torina it was decided to build a permanent kindergarten.

The project is based on the idea that playful and stimulating spatial configurations can enhance the participation of children in educational activities and that a close visual and functional relationship between indoor and outdoor can create added value, especially in a place like Pieve Torina, where the landscape is so suggestive. 

The interior spaces can easily change configuration through a system of soundproofed sliding walls, in order to accommodate different types of activities, like events that involve all the children together. The school is a strategic building capable of accommodating the local population during an  emergency, realized with a resilient wooden structure and highly sustainable materials.