"Mild Home" Competition, low cost housing project

Castelnuovo Rangone 2013, with M. Appolloni, G. Graziani, D. Riera, M. Romoli, S. Pirro, L. Tappatà, R. Turtù,


This competition gave us the opportunity to think about an integral way of designing architecture, putting together many different aspects involved during the project, the realizing and managing phases of the plan.

The project is both multidisciplinary and multi-scale, a complex product capable of fulfilling the customer’s requirements of thrift and sustainability.

...expandable aggregate of structural units

Social, cultural and environmental settings were the guidelines of this designing mode, focused on balanced and sustainable actions. The result we achieved was not an architecture with special effects but a barycentral point between the many interests involved.

...low tech and local materials