Piceno Garden Show

School of Architecture and Design, University of Camerino

Supervisor, Prof. Toraldo di Francia

For hundreds of years the main square of Ascoli Piceno, characterized by a rigorous balance of late medieval and Renaissance solid architectural elements which have survived up to our day and age, have hosted various kinds of temporary events bases on ephemeral structures of which we lost trace.

A sequence of twelve thematic gardens.

The square

The contrast between permanent and temporary became particularly suggestive during the 2009 promotional flower and trees event, when it suddenly changed its look and became a sequence of twelve thematic gardens: the layering that superimposed the soft and variable geometry of plants and trees to the rigid geometry of solid architecture set-up a totally new and unexpected urban space. 

...a piece of country placed in the center of the city

Enjoy the event

With a “piece of country” placed in the center of the city, the temporary architecture not only had the effect of being a psychological and biological compensation for the citizens, it was also an “education to nature” instrument: users could actually see and touch a considerable number of tree species through a sequence of thematic gardens, described with  the help of explanatory tag-lines.