Improvement of the accessibility at Idna’s School.

Idna, Palestine 2016, with Arcò, Architettura e Cooperazione

Ante operam conditions

The entrance to the school had a small ramp that was not suitable for people with disabilities. According to the Palestinian Regulations Pwd ramps should have a maximum 8% slope and should be made of a continuous, smooth and not slippery flat surface.  In the school case the slope was much greater than 8% with an irregular and uneven surface made of rough concrete. The school was de facto inaccessible.

Inaccessible toilet


The ground floor bathrooms were the only ones that could possibly be used by people with disabilities. The school did not have an elevator to reach the the first floor where there are two extra bathrooms. But the two steps in front of the ground floor bathrooms made them totally inaccessible. In addition they did not meet the minimum standard dimensions that the Palestinian Regulation requires

Improvement plans

1. The oudoor ramp has been changed in order to match the Palestinian Regulations;

2. An indoor ramp is now used to improve the accessibility to the bathroom. The ramp is removable in order to use the space in a flexible way;

3. The two bathrooms have been demolished and merged together: the two small toilets created enough space for one regular PwD bathroom.