Anthos beauty salon

Giulianova 2017, with arch. Dayla Riera

Some jobs of the contemporary age are unexpectedly based on the manual skill precision of  those who realize them.

Violin-makers and jewelers have always been that way, but from this age on the beautician as well will take advantage of her professional duties through the use of her hands.

The beautician’s raw material is the human body

The beautician’s raw material is the human body. His professional training, his working instruments and the spaces in which he operates are crucial if he’s expecting positive outcomes.

The laboratory

Estheticians need to rely on the layout of their shops, using technological instruments and cosmetic products confidently,  moving quickly between one room and the other.

Therefore the beauty salon has a twofold dimension:

_what it looks like for a client, who normally is searching for relaxing and welcoming environment,

_what it looks like for the esthetician, who is using this space just like an artisan uses his workshop, trusting the reliability and the functionality of his spaces

...the twofold dimension of the laboratory