Piazza Damiano Chiesa, competition

Rovereto 2011, with ing. Mattia Gasperini, ing. Christian Zanol

Damiano Chiesa square is an essential part of a minute and irregular urban fabric that characterizes the historical center of Rovereto. The dimension of the square, its longitudinal development and its urban position suggest that this space should be used as a pedestrian environment. This project is the chance to find a new balance between pedestrian and automotive spaces, trying to give a very crucial part of the city back to the people.

...as part of the city

The square

With a homogeneous design, the square becomes the opportunity to carry out the daily open air market activities, mixed together with new functions that enable environmental quality improvement and a better livability level of this portion of the city.

...serving the city center

Underground parking lot

The parking lot transfer to the 2 underground levels works in this sense and reduces the conditions of the vehicular traffic in this part of the city. A bike sharing station will help people that park their cars here to move throughout the city without adding traffic on the roads.

...interchangable functions

Daily market

The travertine white grid on the dark porphyry base reproduces the modularity of the market stands that work on the square during the morning. The implementation of the daily market is supported by several light and transformable structures that guarantee great flexibility.